Top 5 best discord bots

Aethex has been enjoying a huge popularity lately as a multipurpose bot. It stacks up simple yet important features to customize experience and adapts itself to multiple needs while keeping it all really basic.Having tools for everything you’d ever need to do – from moderating, setting up automated systems to doing fun stuffs, this bot is packed with efficiency. There are game integration features as well, allowing you to tap into Steam, ROBLOX and making it easy to join other games, call friends to play and keep a track of who’s playing what. Aethex has superior social system that boosts user management.

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Interested in music? If yes, DabBot is a gold mine of utility for you. Adding this bot to your server, you can listen to high quality music from source channels, like YouTube, SoundCloud, UK Radio Stations and Discord.FM.To get started, join a voice channel that DabBot is also compatible with. Select ‘Play’ and then ‘Choose’ to select a song you wish to listen to. This completes the process. Time to savor in the beats that follow!